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Glazed - Discounted

Glazed - Discounted

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Our Illuminators are designed to enhance the glow experience, its properties reflect light making your glow naturally noticeable, whether you're a natural beat girl or full glam babe; illuminators can satisfy both.  

Place a small amount of the illuminator on your fingertips or on a makeup brush and apply directly onto the skin focusing on the high points of the face. For best results use before applying foundation.  

NB: When you receive your Illuminator please give it a nice shake or swirl before use. The way our Illuminators are made the products may separate if left unused for a while. This does not affect the products efficiency 


This product has been discounted due to manufacturing defects, the lid on this product does not close flush. This does not compromise the actual product and is still perfect to use!  The product is non-refundable.